The ODIN project aims to strengthen genomics and bioinformatics capacity, and databasemanagement skills for generating, maintaining, and querying large data sets, in sub-Saharancountries. Additionally, the project aims to develop a genomic surveillance system relying onenvironmental monitoring of major communicable disease agents in communitywastewaters and other environmental samples.

ODIN stakeholder report 

The ODIN Project recently conducted a stakeholder workshop in Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Burkina Faso to evaluate the system of monitoring infectious diseases in the clinics, and in the public. The goal was to explore avenues of raising awareness, discuss local needs, improve water and hygiene efforts, and discuss collaborative opportunities with existing programs. The participants included policymakers, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), experts from ministries of health and water agencies, local epidemiologists, national and international specialists dedicated to these issues in the respective countries. 

The workshop took place in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, from 22-23 November 2023, in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, from 13-14 December 2023, and a one-day workshop was arranged in Kinshasa, DRC, 14 December 2023. The workshop included presentations followed by discussions and a survey to identify priority pathogens from the respective areas to be chosen for the ODIN project.  

To find out more about the workshops please read the workshop report via the individual country workshop reports buttons below:

ODIN stakeholder workshop in Tanzania

ODIN stakeholder  workshop in Burkina Faso

ODIN stakeholder workshop in Democratic Republic of Congo