Project ODIN actively engaged in the Grand Challenges Annual Meeting 2023, held in Dakar, Senegal from the 8th to the 11th of October, with the overarching objective of exploring avenues for the global health community to advance the frontiers of science and innovation for the preservation and enhancement of human lives.

The participation encompassed a diverse array of structured interactions, including formal and informal networking sessions, panel discussions, presentations by keynote speakers, roundtable deliberations, seminars, and poster presentations. Notably, ODIN seized the opportunity to assimilate valuable insights and share its own knowledge, particularly in relation to the dynamic role of pathogen genomics in public health surveillance. This engagement facilitated the establishment of significant contacts, contributing to ODIN's expanding network.

The event's diverse attendee profile, comprising researchers, innovators, funders, policy makers, and pivotal stakeholders, proved particularly advantageous for ODIN. Given that our project spans the spectrum from fundamental scientific research to practical implementation, the diversity of perspectives and expertise at the meeting enriched our understanding and broadened our collaborative possibilities.

Project ODIN eagerly anticipates the assimilation of the wealth of new information and connections acquired during the Grand Challenges Annual Meeting. We are committed to leveraging these resources for the advancement of Project ODIN and, by extension, for the greater benefit of humanity.


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